Alpine           307-654-7569

Casper 307-473-3280

Cheyenne I-80 307-777-4894

Cheyenne US 85 307-777-4895

Cheyenne I-25 307-777-4896

Evanston 307-789-3538

Frannie 307-664-2389

Gillette 307-682-4030

Kemmerer 307-877-4229

Laramie 307-745-2200

Lusk 307-334-3814

Sheridan/Dietz 307-674-2350

Sundance 307-283-1616

Torrington 307-532-2519

Ft. Collins, CO 970-482-1622


Do I have to stop at the Port of Entry?

You are required to stop anytime you see a regulatory sign (black letters on a white background) instructing you to stop, or an officer has directed you to stop. Pre-pass vehicles which receive an in-cab green light may continue, providing they are not hauling livestock or do not have an oversize or overweight load. Example of POE signage:

*All of the above must stop at the Port of Entry.

If you have comments (positive or negative) about your contact with an individual or port, please contact the Wyoming Highway Patrol at this email: WHP.Customer.Comments@wyo.gov or simply write a letter and address it to Wyoming Highway Patrol at 5300 Bishop Boulevard Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340 

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