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Salary & Benefits

Starting pay for a Wyoming Highway Patrol Dispatcher (PSDI04) is $22.68 an hour. Dispatchers are eligible to be promoted to a Wyoming Highway Patrol Dispatcher II (PSDI06) once they have acquired the knowledge and skills of a Dispatcher and have two years of dispatcher work experience or a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice/Communications. The Wyoming Highway Patrol Dispatcher II (PSDI06) pay is $26.40 an hour. 

Wyoming Highway Patrol dispatchers receive competitive pay and a number of benefits which include:

Testing & Hiring

Dispatchers are held to a high standard of professional conduct which is essential to maintaining the trust of those they serve. The Dispatch hiring process is designed to find qualified individuals capable of meeting the demands and standards of this unique career. The hiring and testing process is extensive and may take many weeks from the time an application is submitted until the new employee is hired.

Qualified Applicants:

Computerized Skills Test:

Interview & Psychological Test:


Conditional Offer:

Background Investigations:

Final Offer:

Dispatcher Training

The Wyoming Highway Patrol Communications Basic Course is comprised of multiple trainer-evaluated phases. Newly hired Dispatchers receive a minimum of four weeks of classroom training, two weeks of call taking training, and eight weeks of on-the-job radio training. The training also fulfills Peace Officer Standard and Training (POST) certification requirements.

During the classroom portion of the Communications Basic Course, new Dispatchers learn about state geography, state highway systems, professionalism and ethics, emergency telephone answering, law enforcement language and codes, law enforcement computer systems, critical incidents, stress management, and more. Students will be tested on classroom material and will be expected to participate in simulations in order to learn the role of the Dispatcher in law enforcement and related emergency services.


Call taking training applies the classroom training to a live-work setting. A new Dispatcher is coached and monitored by a Communications Training Officer during this phase of training and will receive daily feedback on their progress.


On-the-job radio training is the final phase of training for a new Dispatcher and lasts a minimum of eight weeks. A new Dispatcher must apply knowledge from the classroom and call taking during their radio training. Again, a Communications Training Officer monitors and evaluates the trainee’s progress during this phase. Successful completion of each phase is required before the new Dispatcher is released to work independently.


Dispatchers who become permanent employees are required to complete an additional twenty hours of POST training every two years in order to maintain an Advanced Dispatcher Certification. Dispatchers may also receive a POST Professional Dispatcher Certification if they meet the training experience requirements of the certification.

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For more information, or to speak with the WHP Dispatch Training Coordinator, please call 307-777-3827.   

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