Specialty Units

Academy Instructors

The Wyoming Highway Patrol Academy is managed by the Safety and Training section.  The vast majority of the instructors who teach at the academy are current State Troopers from around Wyoming who have extensive training and expertise in a specific subject.  Our academy instructors or certified through WY P.O.S.T. to provide law enforcement training as either Subject Matter Experts, Practitioner Lecturers, or General Law Enforcement Instructors.   

Some of the subjects taught by Wyoming State Troopers include:

Commercial Carrier

The Wyoming Highway Patrol's Commercial Carrier Enforcement team combines sworn and unsworn agency members to focus on federal Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) regulation enforcement to enhance highway safety and ensure compliance with federal and state rules and laws.  Motor Carrier Troopers specialize in conducting CMV inspections including the mechanical, electrical, and safety components of the vehicles, as well as the certifications, licenses, and other required documents for CMVs.  Their work has a direct and significant effect on crash mitigation and criminal interdiction.

Canine Team

The Wyoming Highway Patrol's canine team is a highly trained and qualified group.  The team is comprised of various Troopers around the state and their dedicated canine partners.  There are two primary focuses of the WHP canine team: criminal interdiction and explosive detection.  On the criminal interdiction side, Troopers and their canine partners focus on detecting and disrupting local, national, and international drug smuggling, human trafficking, and other criminal activity.  They conduct targeted enforcement details throughout the state and participate in frequent training and certification activities.  The WHP's explosive detection canine members are assigned to the executive protection detail (Troop O).  They work to ensure safety for government buildings and events, dignitary visits, and various other large-scale events throughout the state.    

Crash Investigation Team

The Wyoming Highway Patrol's Crash Investigation Team (C.I.T.) is comprised of Troopers from around the state who specialize in forensically investigating and reconstructing fatal, complex, and/or high-liability motor vehicle crashes.  The team is made up of reconstructionists who are accredited through the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (A.C.T.A.R.), the internationally recognized accreditation program for accident reconstructionists.  In addition to reconstructionists, the team also includes technicians who are able to quickly respond to events, gather critical evidence, and process the scene.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol's C.I.T. members are recognized as experts in their field and instruct all of Wyoming's peace officers in multiple levels of crash investigation.  Many of the members are also certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) as remote pilots for unmanned aircraft systems.  

Executive Protection Detail

The Wyoming Highway Patrol's Executive Protection Detail (Troop O) is tasked with providing executive protection for Wyoming's Governor and first family, security for the State Capitol and various State Government buildings, and necessary dignitary protection for VIP's and government officials visiting the state.  Troop O is made up of numerous Troopers, explosives canine handlers, and a Lieutenant.  Members of Troop O are required to meet strict standards with regard to professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity, as well as complete extensive training in executive and dignitary protection.

Troopers assigned to Troop O are stationed in Cheyenne, our state's capitol, but are regularly required to travel throughout the state, country, and world in performance of their duties.  Troop O Troopers proudly represent the Wyoming Highway Patrol and the State of Wyoming wherever they go.  

Special Service Squad

The Wyoming Highway Patrol's Special Services Squad is comprised of Troopers from throughout the state who receive advanced training in areas such as crowd control, manhunts, less-lethal munitions, and various other specialized areas of law enforcement. Squad members are subject to being activated at a moments notice and often respond to critical incidents, protests, and other large-scale events to assist with ensuring public safety and deterring criminal activity.  The Special Services Squad has been called upon to assist in events in other states and always represents the State of Wyoming and Wyoming Highway Patrol well due to their dedication, professionalism, and courage.