Property Recovery

The Wyoming Highway Patrol's team of Evidence Specialists are responsible for all property and evidence seized, found, or otherwise collected by the Wyoming Highway Patrol.  If your property has been collected or found by the Wyoming Highway Patrol and you wish to reclaim it, please contact the appropriate Evidence Team Member listed below.  Evidence Team members can be reached during normal business hours.  When contacting an Evidence Team member about reclaiming your property, it is imperative that you can provide detailed information to assist them in locating and identifying the property.  Examples of pertinent information needed to locate and identify your property are the date and time the property was lost or collected, the case or event number associated with your property, the seizing or collecting Trooper's name and badge number, and the location where the property was lost or collected.  In order to reclaim property, you must schedule a date and time to meet with an Evidence Team member in person, provide an acceptable form of identification, and complete necessary forms.

Not all property which has been seized or collected by the Wyoming Highway Patrol is able to be returned to the person from whom the items were taken.  Items which are deemed to be evidence of criminal activity or involved in an active criminal investigation, or are on their own illegal to possess, may not be released from evidence.     

Supervisor: Monica Rowan 777-3855

HQ Evidence Specialist: Rhonda Hoadley 777-4154

D1 Evidence Specialist: Vince Gierisch 777-4361

D2 Evidence Specialist: Chris Schell 473-3253

D3 Evidence Specialist: Shala Brockevelt 352-3101

D4 Evidence Specialist: David Motsick 674-2355

D5 Evidence Specialist: Amy Pittsley 864-6134